Three days until the 2017 Oscars award show airs. As the countdown continues, the fashion industry will be getting ready for their big debut. Many celebrities handpick their favorite gowns and outfits from different designers around the world to walk on the red carpet and show off to all their fans. This year you can tune into ABC network to see all your favorite celebrities on the red carpet.

This year be sure to follow your favorite celebrities and their new looks as they own the red carpet in everything from Armani to Versace. Take a look at The 6 luckiest Designers to Wear at the Oscars to see if your favorite celeb is wearing one of the luckiest looks when hoping to receive the award. Even though these designers are sometimes out of the question due to low funds, they are great for visual aides to replicate for proms or other events. If you see a style you like, snap a picture of the celebrity in their dress and take it to a dress shop as a visual example for your own gown.

Plan to have a viewing party for the lovely award show? You’ll need to have the perfect outfit, snacks and games. USA Today  features some quick tips to help you plan the perfect party.