Photo by Blue Dome District

It’s that time if year again. Break out your favorite green shirts and socks, the necklaces and sashes. Many people get overwhelmed when events come up that are “color coded”. Personally, I used to be intimidated by a day in which everyone wore the same color, one color, green. Now green is not my favorite color and it is definitely a color that is not very popular in my closet but I learned that there are many different ways to still take part in the fun without so much green. There are many ways to be festive in a subtle green look, or even accented other colors like white to give it the St. Patrick’s Day pizzazz.

There are plenty ways to be festive for different events without being restricted to one color and not just for St. Patrick’s Day. I also love to check out Pinterest to see what the outfit choices are for this year and quick make up tricks, even cool nail designs for the day. So don’t feel restricted by a color, embrace it and look around to find the best look for you work arty, school event or even town’s parade.