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This week, instead of focusing on the top trends in Hollywood or the best makeup for the cheapest price, I want to focus on the behind the scenes aspect of fashion. Most people know the names of famous designers such as Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors whom are very popular in the world of fashion. However, names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen or Isaac Mizrahi are less likely to be heard, but should still be credited. According to Ranker these are some of the most famous costume designers in the world, among various others that most people are not aware of. However, this week I want to focus on just a few that may be forgotten to learn more about the behind the scenes work these amazing designers complete.

Karl Lagerfeld was a German designer who focused on styles in Paris.He was a fashion designer, a designer, a photographer and a costume designer.

Zac Posen was an American fashion designer, designer, businessman and costume designer who was stationed mostly in New York City.

Finally, Isaac Mizrahi was a film director, a producer and a costume designer stationed in New York City as well.

These are just three of the many talented designers featured on a list of 100 different designers around the world. Visit The Ranker List to check out the rest of these incredibly talented people who help keep us in style world-wide.