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DIY Makeup


Makeup is a part of many people’s everyday life. Today, makeup is climbing in price but there are many items that you can get for a cheaper price that can work wonders on your face.

There are may different sites that incorporate tutorials to DIY makeup ideas. The DIY tutorials are useful for many occasions. Whether you are going to prom, a formal or even just a nice dinner a makeup tutorial is always helpful. Instead of spending money to get your makeup done, these tutorials can help you save the money and still create the beautiful look from your own home.

These 25 + DIY makeup tutorials can help  get that professional look without spending any money or leaving your own mirror. These tutorials can also be used for every day makeup too. If you are bored of your normal look, take a look at some of these tutorials to help spruce up your makeup with step by step help.


Fit and Fashionable


This week’s look of the week is how to be fashionable and fit. With spring just around the corner everyone is hitting the gym…everyone.

With all your friends at the gym you want to make sure you look your best in your comfy clothes. With a little help from the fashion industry you could be looking your best while burning all those calories too! You can match your favorite pair of colorful workout leggings with your favorite solid tank. Throw in a cute comfy sports bra and you are good to go.

Motivation is a key factor in getting yourself to the gym. We all struggle with that. With an outfit worth showing off you’ll be running to the gym in no time. Take a look at these must have brands to fill your wardrobe and get fit, fast.

Tune in to the Trends

Hi! This is a blog featuring fashion and style for all occasions and for all people. This blog will cover everything from clothing and makeup to hairstyles and more. From celebrity events to college students’ every day life. There will be weekly updates with outfits of the week and great ideas for outfits to any event such as prom or even the best outfits for the fitness center.

Here you will be able to see photos from different events and also learn more about the fashion trends of the world today. There will be many “how-to” posts in order to learn how to change up your style from day to day so you can follow along with the newest trends in fashion in the world today.

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