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Stage Makeup Interview

Below is an interview with Rachel Rhindress, she is a student of the stage makeup class on campus. She talks about the benefits of this course and how it has helped her in her career.




Ursinus Cosa on Biological Finds 

Danielle Pomante (on right) and her lab partner preset their findings on Western Blot Analysis of Pregnant Cardiac Myocytes. They focus on the stress level of and individual and how it effects the blood flow from and to the heart. This stress level highly effects pregnant individuals, as their research suggests. They use multiple images to show correlations between their data and diagrams for viewers to understand the concept of their research. They had many viewers that were impressed with their poster. Great job you two! 

Ursinus Cosa on Terrorism 

Julia Adams, sophomore politics major, presents her poster on terrorism at Ursinus COSA. She uses a scatter plot to showtime percentage of individuals in a certain age group that use social media sites. Her research suggests that social media is manipulated by certain terroist groups to fit their violent agenda. Way to go Julia! 

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How Stage Makeup Changes Theater Life

Stage makeup changes the theater community at liberal arts school in Collegeville. This is just a small representation of how increased knowledge of stage makeup skills can change performances in the theater industry.

C theater.jpg

Photo courtesy of Ursinus College Theater.

The theater community has always been big at Ursinus and what comes along with that is, of course, makeup. Ursinus now offers a class specific to stage makeup to all students interested. Many students have taken advantage of this class for purposes such as gaining knowledge in makeup and appearance for a stage performance.

Students involved in the theatre have shared their opinions about stage makeup and appearance for their performances at the college. This new class is titled THEA-241, “Makeup for the Actor” which is taught by Brian Strachan. It offers full insight on how stage makeup is completed and how to take an inspiration and turn it into one’s own work.

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Behind the Scenes


The above image is courtesy of Design & Art .

This week, instead of focusing on the top trends in Hollywood or the best makeup for the cheapest price, I want to focus on the behind the scenes aspect of fashion. Most people know the names of famous designers such as Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors whom are very popular in the world of fashion. However, names such as Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen or Isaac Mizrahi are less likely to be heard, but should still be credited. According to Ranker these are some of the most famous costume designers in the world, among various others that most people are not aware of. However, this week I want to focus on just a few that may be forgotten to learn more about the behind the scenes work these amazing designers complete.

Karl Lagerfeld was a German designer who focused on styles in Paris.He was a fashion designer, a designer, a photographer and a costume designer.

Zac Posen was an American fashion designer, designer, businessman and costume designer who was stationed mostly in New York City.

Finally, Isaac Mizrahi was a film director, a producer and a costume designer stationed in New York City as well.

These are just three of the many talented designers featured on a list of 100 different designers around the world. Visit The Ranker List to check out the rest of these incredibly talented people who help keep us in style world-wide.

St. Patrick’s Day Style


Photo by Blue Dome District

It’s that time if year again. Break out your favorite green shirts and socks, the necklaces and sashes. Many people get overwhelmed when events come up that are “color coded”. Personally, I used to be intimidated by a day in which everyone wore the same color, one color, green. Now green is not my favorite color and it is definitely a color that is not very popular in my closet but I learned that there are many different ways to still take part in the fun without so much green. There are many ways to be festive in a subtle green look, or even accented other colors like white to give it the St. Patrick’s Day pizzazz.

There are plenty ways to be festive for different events without being restricted to one color and not just for St. Patrick’s Day. I also love to check out Pinterest to see what the outfit choices are for this year and quick make up tricks, even cool nail designs for the day. So don’t feel restricted by a color, embrace it and look around to find the best look for you work arty, school event or even town’s parade.

Best Dressed at the Oscars


I hope you all had a chance to view the 89th Academy Awards Ceremony that aired Sunday. If not you can catch up on to view all the movies that were awarded that night.

In addition to many awards, there were many dresses and outfits to be talked about. The red carpet is a time for celebrities to put on their best outfits and parade around paparazzi and fans to show off their looks. They show off their dresses, hairstyles and makeup which probably takes them many hours to prepare for throughout the day. Many people watch from home while they eat snacks and wish they could have the looks that these fine celebrities have. Now, they can. There are many ways to create your own looks that can be just as good as what, lets say, Emma Stone rocks on the red carpet. With a few tips and a little bit of confidence, you can have your own red carpet appearance. Visit Red Carpet Styles for Less to see the best ways to accent your style and get the most of your money.

Be sure to take a look at the Oscars Red Carpet Dresses  to pick your favorite look of the night. Be sure to reply what you loved and loathed about all these celebrities styles.

Countdown to the Oscars


Three days until the 2017 Oscars award show airs. As the countdown continues, the fashion industry will be getting ready for their big debut. Many celebrities handpick their favorite gowns and outfits from different designers around the world to walk on the red carpet and show off to all their fans. This year you can tune into ABC network to see all your favorite celebrities on the red carpet.

This year be sure to follow your favorite celebrities and their new looks as they own the red carpet in everything from Armani to Versace. Take a look at The 6 luckiest Designers to Wear at the Oscars to see if your favorite celeb is wearing one of the luckiest looks when hoping to receive the award. Even though these designers are sometimes out of the question due to low funds, they are great for visual aides to replicate for proms or other events. If you see a style you like, snap a picture of the celebrity in their dress and take it to a dress shop as a visual example for your own gown.

Plan to have a viewing party for the lovely award show? You’ll need to have the perfect outfit, snacks and games. USA Today  features some quick tips to help you plan the perfect party.




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